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Amnesia Ibiza all Performers Stars
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Amnesia Ibiza all Performers Stars

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Luis Diablo

Luis Alba, was born in Madrid in the middle of the 70’s, his passion for the experimental theatre leads his steps to the theatre institute in Barcelona where following through the second year of interpretation he is employed as "mercenary" actor by the theatrical group " la fura dels BAUS ". With the internationally known catalonian group, he ends up for 4 years at 5 different spectacles.

During this epoch, he is recruited by the discotheque Amnesia in the seasons 97-98. Putting into practice a wide range of artistic qualities (Stilts, fire, percussion, body painting, etc ..) and his versatility in multiple artistic disciplines, convert him into a increasing value and since then he takes part in several world resonance events, contributing with his particular interpretive force in all of them: Festival of cinema of Cannes, The MTV AWARDS that was celebrated in Barcelona at the end of the 90’s, the Barcelona Parade and more.

Luis "el diablo" is a compendium of the different artistic disciplines. He is an actor, percussionist accompanied by a spectacular juggling with fire. This personage is also the official percussionist of the People from Ibiza World Tour parties…the devil has warmed up discotheques of the whole world (Europe, Mexico, Cairo, Russia, Kiev, Slovenia, etc.)


Micah, the Electronic Violonist

Micah’s passion for music began even before he could combine words into coherent sentences. At only two years of age, he started what became a lasting relationship with his violin. He attended the Suzuki Violin Studies School in Tokyo, Japan. Later he studied at the Zino Francescatti School of music in Aix-en-Provence, France.

At the age of thirteen, Micah performed with Liza Minnelli during her solo concert at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. Soon after, he was chosen to join the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra as principle first violinist, under Anthony Primavera. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at Drexel University, Micah became the lead violinist in the school’s String Ensemble.  At the same time, he began working in nightclubs and experimenting with the fusion of the violin and electronic music.
Upon graduation, Micah continued to enhance his skills by studying with various musicians throughout the Philadelphia area. His teachers included Estelle Kerner, author of the book "A History of the East European Violinist,” and Xiao-Fu Zhou, of the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra. Micah also studied jazz & blues improvisation with Eric Nemeyer, publisher of Jazz Improv Magazine. He also began touring all major nightclubs in the United States including Philly, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Miami, L.A, and many more.

Micah is the first violinist in the world to have an exclusive residency at the best global club of 2005 to Present day: Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain. He also has had a residency at Club B3 of Seville in the wintertime for the past 4 years.  Micah has collaborated with some of the great DJs of the world, including Mauro Picotto, Kurd Maverick, David Vendetta, Antoine Clamaran, Armin Van Buuren, Ron Carroll, Robbie Rivera, Mastiksoul, King Britt and Laurent Wolf. In his playing, Micah covers the vast spectrum of musical genres, from classical to hip-hop, from jazz to world music. He has performed every type of house music imaginable, including elektro, minimal, drum & bass, techno, vocal and gospel.

Micah is one of the most well-known and respected electric violinists in the world.  His performances in hundreds of nightclubs all over the world have set him apart from other performers. He has given stellar performances in many different countries, including the United States, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, London/UK, South America, Canada/Montreal, Toronto, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Moldavia, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Albania, Syria, Qatar, Dubai, Tunisia, Belgium, Lebanon, Monaco, Romania, and Switzerland. He plays in styles ranging from the Far East, India, and Middle East to Latin, Spanish, Western and jazz, to name a few.

Micah possesses a unique flair for improvising over any style of music. Upon request, he can accompany virtually any song of any style with other musicians or alone, giving a seamless impromptu performance. Micah enjoys performing solos as much as collaborating with other musicians, artists, vocalists & performers including Rebeka Brown, Lex Empress, Akram, Keith Thompson, Rachael Starr, and Ruben Moran.



Ruben Moran, Saxophonist

After an intense carreer as a saxophonist, arranger and producer Ruben Moran joins up the top class musicians that set the guidelines of current dance music.

Luxury and class all on the same plate: an early musician at the age of eight, arranger  and interpreter in all sort of bands and styles, has already played in America, Africa and Europe, in extremely prestigious night clubs (Amnesia, Pacha, Space, Dreamers..) accompanied by Dj,s like Erick Morillo, Junior Sanchez, Tom Novy, Smoking Jo, Harry “Choo Choo” Romero, Jamie Lewis, Silicone Soul, Paul Jackson, Danny Rampling, John Acquaviva, Dj Chus, Sebastian Gamboa, David Penn, He has also participated in multiple recordings and to top it all, he has recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music (Boston) getting his degree in Contemporary Writing and Production. Supporting artist for BB King and Maceo Parker with his own band, The Funk On Me, with who he has produced and composed his last album in New York, with Kat Dyson (Prince) at the guitar and Fred Wesley (James Brown, Funkadelic, JB Horns) at the trombone.

With his own house music record label (Erotic Records he has already edited six references in the music market. Currently, with Dj and producer Randy Garcia, he has created Magic Solutions, an innovative formation that produces its own house music (“My life” Freshouse 006, “Future” Tussom 027, “Electric Vowels”, “I’m in ecstasy” Set me Free (No1 in Maxima FM list), You’re my bitch “Khazuma, ) with an amazing set up on stage mixed with electronic music Such a carreer can only culminate in a constant anxiety for investigate new sounds that can merge with electronic music an his inseparable saxophone and computer.

If we also add his technical asset, his feeling and his absolute complicity with the Dj’s we are in the eyes of an explosive and innovative live show. For real, Ruben is like no other.



Zeles, Lights Percussions

Musician (Drumer), with studies in the former LICEO Barcelona, and in the AMMJ (Classroom Music and Modern Jazz) from Barcelona. Member of musical groups: Amaro, 1 2nd, Ninja, Chipen, Frequency, Equos Cain, Lorenzo Santamaria… among others.
In 1987, was considered as a revelation drummer with the group Amaro, touring alongside Baron Rojo. Compositor of the OST of the movie Moriendo la Vida of Martin Garrido. In the 90s, I start in the nightclubs , palying Electronic Percussion, combined with light jockey. In 2000, founder of the group dance DMS (Dance, Music, Sound) with the label Vale Music. Residente in clubs as: Fibraoptica, Barcalles, Atlantida (Sitges), Amnesia (Ibiza), Airport, Bora Bora, La Sal, Ambit Surf (Andorra) etc…
At present (2009), as an official resident Light Jockey and percussionist in THE BEST GLOBAL CLUB AMNESIA Ibiza.



From the year 2003 Zircaos is combined strongly to Amnesia taking part in its more important parties, People from Ibiza, Cocoon, Armada, Made in Italy and the Foam Party.

This summer 2009 they will be again in AMNESIA, as always surprising and entertaining the public through their performances and characters, from the most charming and freaky ones up to the most elegant and glamorous, all of them bursting in the dance floor on stilts or from the air with ropes and harness flying on the people.
This year also you will be able to enjoy their spectacular and dangerous escapism show to more than 10 meters of height.

We invite you to know ZIRCAOS's world!


Lorena de Tena

Lorena began her musical career at the Conservatory of Granada, graduating with Honours. She studied Intermediate and Advanced Level with the new curriculum (LOGSE), graduating both with honors. She also has a degree in History and Science of Music by the Faculty of Arts of Granada. She has received master classes from Joaquin Achucarro, Boris Berman, Jean-Philippe Collard, Serghei Yerokin, Xenia Knorr, Kristyna Makowsaka, Daniel Blumenthal, ... among other outstanding performers.

Although Lorena's knowledge comes from the classical world, her musical taste is broad, encompassing and always working with different styles.
She is currently more involved with house music, featuring performances with various dj's from both the national and international scene.
Amnesia Ibiza resident during the summer of '09, Lorena de Tena participates in parties for La Troya, People from Ibiza and Foam Party.

All around the world, from Morocco to Kosovo, Lebannon, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Arab Emirates, Algeria… Lorena has shared line ups with Artist such as Gloria Stefan, Jarabe de Palo, Malú, Fangoria, David Vendetta, Ellen Allien, Dj Nano, Mendo (Cadenza), Ruben Moran, Micah, Mar-t, Les Schmitz, Caal Smile, Fonsi Nieto o Brian Cross among many others.
Despite her musical career had always been linked to the classical world and her studies at the Conservatory of Granada, Her interest in Electronic music was developed at an early age. Based in Barcelona,  Granada native Lorena de Tena has gained through her live performances to win over the public showing great strength and energy always combined with elegance on stage.

After having been a resident of Amnesia Ibiza in summer 2009, Lorena de Tena begins a tour to travel throughout Europe with a spectacular show full of glamor.In 2010 she was elected as the new face of Roland Instruments, with whom she collaborated on different events showing us her best on the Keytar on high-level performances.
She continues her training in a new field of modern music, deejay, composition and music production.

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